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About us
The idea behind wild ranting

Motto: "There is life beyond Sky"

Shopping for equipment can be a problem. Dedicated magazines come out maybe only once a month. In each and every one of them you can normally find two reviews of equipment max. There is no library that I know of which stores each and every technical mag, so unless you're deeply into the topic you are on your own when shopping. Having read one or two reviews a consumer will normally go for a brand from the last issue, which is not necessarily best or cheapest. That's a lot of trust and money to rely on one man's opinion and this is exactly what we want to change.

The idea is to provide you not only with our own reviews (who are we to be the judge of what you need) but also a whole database of opinions coming from users just like you. These guys will know better - they've had it for weeks or months, they know every little thing about their equipment. You can also count on their view to be unbiased and uncensored - they don't get paid for it, they don't work for distributors. So here It is - read and ask questions and once you buy your dream receiver come back to share your experience with the rest.

Questions And Answers

SatCritics Test Area ;)
Who are you people?
A:Just a bunch of Internet buddies. Once every now and then some of us gather in our Test Booth (see pic ) to take equipment apart and bring you detailed reports. All the rest is remote work.

Q: Jeez, who pays for all this s**t.
A:Currently no one. You want to sponsor us? There is add info at the bottom of the page. We take renting of equipment for tests in exchange for advert space on our pages as well. Unfortunately for us, that doesn't include sex banners.~

Q: Are you one of the sat websites that start as a freebie and then sell subscriptions for entry?
A:Not a freaking chance. We don't know why people lock their websites (we guess it's jingly sound of money) and who pays for subscriptions but this website is 100% free to view and always will be. You all do develop content of this website and without this content, by default public domain we wouldn't have anything interesting to show.

Q: Hey, you run sat related website but there is no Seca/Irdeto codes! What's wrong with you?
A:Sure, we could reprint some codes and be closed in a week or keep moving from one ugly geocities page to another...

Q: Why are you redirecting Netscape 4.X users to the page requesting them to upgrade browser? I'm a Netscape user for years, y our dumb website is the first one to nag me about it.
A:It just happens that Netscape 4.X has (table) tags rendering bug. This website is fully PHP/database driven, and optimised to make queries and retrievals of data as short and swift as possible. If you have many tables within tables on the pages, just like we do, NS 4.X gets stoned for up to 90 seconds trying to render all of the tags. It not only makes you angry, but also keeps connections to database hanging for no reason. We could obviously make this page look just like Yahoo and fix it, but for some reason we don't think it would be fair to drop looks and efficiency just to accommodate one crippled browser. NS6 hasn't got that bug so if you are allergic to IE please use newer NS or Opera. Sorry.

Q: Doh, this server is slow, it takes ages to see pages.
A:Well, if we get any extra 's on some point you can be sure it will all go to provide faster hosting and not for our new cars.

Q: What's with all shades of grey on this website. Are you daltonists?
A:No, just MRK (Admin) sold all pinks and violets to porn sites.

Q: I would like to register to your Bulletin Board but I'm afraid of spam.
A:Are you nuts? No one's going to spam you, not from this page. Use some hotmail account anyway.

Q: I would like to register to your Bulletin Board but my English is shite and I'm afraid of people picking on me.
A:Who said we were English? This is discussion board for crying out loud, not literature contest. BTW, did you know we have to hire six translators to make this very page readable every time we add something to it? ;-)

Q: I could write kick ass hardware review with screen caps and all that. Can I send it to you?
A:By all means do.

Q: Could I contribute something to section (here name of the section)?
A:Definitely. Write to us.

Q: Do you think satellite TV should be always free of charge?
A:Not if the content of the channel is sponsored from your fees. But if you paid for subscription and TV provider still interrupts your movie every fifteen minutes to show you washing powder and tampax then someone already sponsored the movie for you to watch and provider's policy is just damn low. If dinner were on your friend would the waiter bring you second bill?

Q: Why can't we buy subscription to French package in Germany? (Other locations may apply)
A:We haven't quite figured that one out. There was a tendency to go global in 90ies, so maybe now it's in reverse. Perhaps soon we won't find any foreign food products in supermarkets and start sending hooded men to spy on each other cities.

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