NDS found guilty of hacking Nagra encryption

From Kudelski Group Press Release:

"The lawsuit filed by EchoStar and NagraStar (a joint-venture between EchoStar and the Kudelski Group) against NDS in California has come to a close. EchoStar and NagraStar won a jury verdict in its satellite piracy case against NDS Group. EchoStar and NagraStar alleged that NDS had hacked into its encrypted satellite TV broadcast signals. The federal jury in Santa Ana, California found Wednesday that NDS violated federal and state laws prohibiting piracy. EchoStar and NagraStar also prevailed on NDS counterclaims that alleged that plaintiffs had obtained confidential trade secret information through improper means. Plaintiffs are also entitled to recover their legal fees from NDS. However, the jury awarded EchoStar only symbolic statutory and compensatory damages."

More in detail

The case, featuring spectacular list of allegations including revelations about NDS employing specialists to break and publish codes as well as code algorithms on the internet, lead to one of the smallest compensations ever awarded in satellite piracy cases - damages of $45.69...

Author: MRK [Source: PRESS]
Posted on Friday 16 May 2008

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