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Latest Software Updates

[ Aston ]
Aston Xena 2000 08 July 2002
2.0100 Over The Air only - Astra 19.2 :
Over The Air only - Astra 19,2
Digiquest P2000 16 July 2001
v. 3.01. OVER THE AIR ONLY. HotBird 12,673V SR 27500 AND Astra1 12,603H SR 22000. :
Over the Air only
Aston Xena/Simba all versions 16 July 2001
3.01. OVER THE AIR ONLY. HotBird 12,673V SR 27500 AND Astra1 12,603H SR 22000. :
Over the air only.
[ Echostar ]
Echostar DVR-7000, DVR-5000, DSB-2200, DSB-2200 VCS, DSB-808, DSB-808 VCS and DSB-707 FTA 03 July 2002
Over The Air only - 19,2E 12604H SR 22,000 :
Photoalbum, 14 languages, new LNB configurations, various other improvements.
Echostar AD 3000 IPVCS 16 May 2002
v. 800 :
Confirmed Over The Air upgrade - HotBird 13E 12,539H SR 27500.
Echostar DSB-800 2Ci 08 June 2001
v.400 :
Newest os for DSB 800 (Middle East only)
Echostar AD3000IP 28 April 2001
v.700 - Confirmed Over The Air upgrade - HotBird 13E 12539H SR 27500. :
Confirmed Over The Air upgrade - HotBird 13E 12539H SR 27500.
[ Force ]
[ Humax ]
Humax IRCI 5400 26 May 2003
HIC-1.05.00 Plus CAM and ToH 3.0 :
Most ToH menus are converted to look like humax menu enginea, dvanced Channel Info Box with signal power and signal quality, New Audio Video User settings, format ratio enlarged with Auto Widescreen, Premiere NVOD management function with yellow key on Portalchannel, Direct card access mode, Time Offset (TO) in PMCT reactivated, New Motor Movement Management, signal bar stays during movement, up to 49 Motor positions available, orbital positions with degree-context, all Satellites with new SatcoDX transponder tables for autoscan, new help window with most channel infos, function to repeat DiSEqC command for two times, pacman, more in readme file.
Humax IRCI 5400 10 Feb 2003
HIC-1.05.00 Plus CAM and ToH 2.3 :
New AC-3 routine compatible with TVN, beta PW D-Card fix, AC-3 Stream Info, bitrate fix, new 007 gimmicks.
Humax IRCI 5400 20 Jan 2003
HIC-1.05.00 Plus CAM and ToH 2.2 :
Bugfixes: Irdeto II, time display.
Humax IRCI 5400 11 Jan 2003
HIC-1.05.00 Plus CAM and ToH 2.1 :
Auto channel search with empty settings hangup fixed, suppress any messages from external modules when plus CAM is working, AC3 and DD fixes, AU fallback for 06xx 17xx TPS fix, CAM reset on 0-RCL macros for ON/OFF key allowed, scrollable list of CaID/ECM/Ident, ToH menu to control all functions, parser for CAT and PMT.
Humax IRCI5400 17 September 2002
HIC 1.05.00 Plus CAM and ToH 2.0 :
Macro mode implementation with Humax remote control, automatic 16:9 or 4:3 format change-over, adjustable time offset per channel, PMC entries can be assigned to an antenna id, CAM functionality can be switched off, PAL/NTSC support, extended info menus, ToH QME Module and ToH EPG Module.
Humax IRCI5400 03 May 2002
HIC-1.05.00 Plus CAM 2002G and ToH 1.1 by Planet Hemp and TuxOnHumax :
German cards work better, default pincode 0000 is removed when entering setup menus- if you want it back setup custom pincode, improvements to DD code.
Humax IRCI 5400 19 April 2002
HIC-1.05.00 Plus CAM 2002F and ToH 1.1 by Planet Hemp and TuxOnHumax :
Improved 2002F patch with remote control via serial by TuxOnHumax - patch verified.
Humax IRCI 5400 02 April 2002
HIC-1.05.00 Plus CAM 2002e by Planet Hemp :
Based on new OS, excludes April Fools time bomb, added encryption icons on OSD banner.
Humax IRCI 5400 07 March 2002
HIC 1.05.00 :
Official Humax software - Fixes - Hangup on TPS Package with external CAM, Hangup on key operation of RCU, modified the TurkSat 1C Tp info, lipsync problem at some channels.
Humax IRCI 5400 08 December 2001
HIC-1.03.06 Plus XP with DD - READ NOTES ON FORUM :
Tested and working - new patch fixed Dolby Digital within Premiere World package
Humax IRCI 5400 29 November 2001
HIC-1.03.06 Plus CAM BC 1.0 by Planet Hemp READ NOTES ON FORUM :
New, crippled CAM version >>without discribution rights<<, fixed Dolby Digital in Premiere World package, apparently.
Humax CRCI 5500 12 November 2001
1.03.00 :
Added - DiSEqC limit funciton and support for 32 antennas, Fixed - Malfunction of Dolby digital stream output,such as lipsync and sound breaking on some channels, malfunctions of EPG, modified the TurkSat 1C Tp info, video problem at widescreen pillar-box mode.
Humax IRCI 5400 Z Final 09 October 2001
New 1.01.06 Plus CAM via ROM-Board with manual. This is new version from 09 Oct. NOT TESTED. :
Schematics and DIY instructions plus OS software for upgrading IRCI 5400 Z model, files are fresh from internet, please tell us if it worked.
Humax IRCI 5400 04 September 2001
HIC-1.03.06 Plus CAM 3.2 by Planet Hemp :
No changes info given.
Humax IRCI 5400 22 August 2001
HIC-1.03.06 Plus CAM 3.1 by Planet Hemp :
Fresh, patched and improved.
Humax IRCI 5400 20 July 2001
HIC 1.01.10PH plus CAM 2.4 by Planet Hemp :
Shark Version - N*VA 0604 bug fixed, alfredos IRSETA5 Tuning and Speed, favourite Ident swapping.
Humax F1-FOX 18 July 2001
QFE 1.02.10 :
Added System ID indication at STB status menu, fixed DiSEqC 1,2 problem(Searching OTA target satellite and NIT updates), revised some German characters, fixed the freezing problem when channel was changed, fixed the problem of loading channel data.
Humax NACI 5700 16 March 2001
NTSC/PAL 1.00.07 :
Newest OS from humax.
Humax IRCI 5400 16 March 2001
NTSC/PAL 1.00.01 :
Newest OS from humax
Humax CI 5100C 16 March 2001
1.00.19 :
Newest OS from humax
[ Micronik ]
Micronik 1300S 22 June 2001
13-97b Removed on request from MicroniK Multimedia :
New OS for 1300 series. Not official had to pulled off.
[ Nokia ]
Nokia MM 9800S 12 Feb 2003
MA 2.07-287A :
Apparently a leaked beta of some description. Comes with loader program in English and German. Not tested and not verified. Please inform us of changes.
Nokia 9800S 27 November 2001
MA 1.31 UNCONFIRMED Over The Air Only - Astra 19.2E 12,670 V SR 22k FEC 5/6 :
Unconfirmed upgrade - No changes info availble - please send us e-mail if you download it successfully.
Nokia Mediamaster 9800S 31 March 2001
MA 1.3 Over the air only. Astra1 12669V SR 22000 FEC 5/6. :
Newest Nokia OS.
[ Strong ]
Strong 4375 09 October 2001
1.02 :
New elf file, loader and manual.
Strong 4375 10 Feb 2001
1.01B :
Newest beta. Linked directly to Strongs website.
[ Triax ]
Triax 65s 18 May 2001
v.15-128 :
Fixes - Macroblocking on channels transmitting AC3 sound, turning on the receiver on a channel with parental lock, extended programme information now available on PRESENT and FOLLOWING banner, it is no longer necessary to manually edit the EPG transponder data in LNB menu to receive EPG information (Canal Digital Scandinavia), New programmelist (DR1 & DR2 also available from Viasat 5
Triax 63S 09 March 2001
v.15125 :
New OS for 63S. Not available on their official page yet so heres the link.



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