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Bragging rights:
- Canal+ reported the highest number of new subscribers since 1987 - a 646,000 viewers joined French platform creating total of 5.14 million subscribers. Reported revenue of the Canal+ Group for 2006 were €3,630 million. Mon Dieu!

- BSkyB is also well chuffed after doing its sums as they announced the highest subscriber growth in six years. Sky Digital services can now be found in 8.441 million homes and businesses. Whooping 2.13 million people now use Sky+ Digital Video Recorder while dictionaries noted dawn of the verb - “to skyplus” (something). Being solely British equivalent to American “to tivo” (a program) the verb is now a commonly used across entire nation. Operators focus lies this year with Sky HD sales...

Bad seeds:
- On January 29th AEPOC - or European Association for the Protection of Encrypted Works and Services (Association Europeenne pour la Protection des Euvres et services Cryptes) as it's mouthfully known to the members celebrated ten years of its fight with Pay TV piracy the annual Anti Piracy Symposium in Geneva. Along with usual shoulder tapping and hands rubbing the members called for an end to romantic outlook of piracy being a form of robinhoodery while Irdeto representative unhappily noted that piracy had now gone beyond the abilities of typical home user and into well funded operations that offered pension plans to their coders.
So, kids, card sharing and diablo cams are naughty, naughty, naughty, hhhhmmmmkay?

New channels:
- From 1st of February scandinavian Canal Digital subscribers can watch History Channel (with English soundtrack). Similar to Discovery channels, the History Channel will not follow UK schedule. Read - the programming might be years old. Operator also plans to launch The History Channel HD, The Biography Channel and The Crime and Investigation Network for Nordic market some time later this year.

- Another scandinavian operator - Viasat - moved one of its part time/shared programming channels to a separate 24/7 slot. Viasat Crime features slightly long in a tooth chillers and past syndication date crime series.

- Also from 1st of February viewers of Polish Cyfra+ platform can view HBO Comedy channel, at the moment unique to the platform. HBO Comedy in regionalized format should be shortly available also in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

- French TPS has added Sport+ i Plančte Thalassa to its lineup.

- From today Baby TV, channel dedicated entirely to infants should be available to Sky Digital subscribers on channel 626.

Men, men, men, manly men, men

- MTV Networks Europe president and CEO Simon Guild decided to not renew his contract after 14 years in a job. “As my contract was up for renewal I decided it was time to look for something new” Guild was reported to say. A week later he was followed by VP of Commercial Strategy and Digital Media Angel Gambino. Blame it on bitnicks? ;)

- The man who apparently does not like mondays - Bob Geldof and his company Ten Alps in coalition with Norwegian organization Peace Point and Norwegian government plan to launch international TV channel devoted entirely to World Peace. Check out the linky...

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Posted on Monday 05 February 2007


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